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Posted on: January 21, 2020

Always Take Safety Precautions

Crime Prevention

• Don’t walk alone. Go with a friend especially if walking in areas that are less populated or dimly lit (walk to school with a friend).

• Exercise with a partner, or if wearing ear buds, leave one out so you can hear if someone is approaching from behind.

• Avoid areas which are dense with vegetation and provide cover for someone who could be hiding.

• Call law enforcement immediately if you see anyone or anything suspicious. The longer you wait to place a phone call to the authorities, the farther away the person becomes and the ability to make contact greatly decreases.

• If you see something suspicious, TAKE A PICTURE. Most people carry a cell phone and information can be captured rather quickly in public places, which can be used by authorities to identify and assist with crimes taking place.

• Conduct activities which must be done alone during daylight hours, if possible. Avoid hours of darkness for routine activities

• For banking activities, make ATM transactions during the day when cameras capture more detail and more people are present or the bank is open, and you can make transactions inside.

• Be aware of your surroundings. Make eye contact with people. Pay attention when you are going places. If someone looks suspicious or something doesn’t seem right, change your plans and leave the area. Contact authorities in a place which is safe.

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