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Posted on: December 30, 2019

Here's to a New Decade of Fun!

Tiny Twisters Class

Here's just a sample of classes starting soon, so register today.  

Kindergarten Kick Start
Is your child starting kindergarten next year? Then come to Kindergarten Kick-Start and get ahead of the game! Kick-Start introduces children to classroom routines, socialization and academic skills. Activities are hands-on, engaging and fun!

Jan. 6-27 Monday 9am-Noon 3-6yrs $125
Jan. 6-29 Monday/Wednesday 9am-Noon 3-6yrs $245
Jan. 8-29 Wednesday 9am-Noon 3-6yrs $125

NEW! Common Core Tai Chi $125
This class is ideal for cultivating stronger mind-body health using gentle flowing body movements that are easy to learn and a pleasure to practice daily. Learn how to reduce stress, improve health, balance energy and strengthen the body through your practice. You will receive step-by-step instruction in the fundamentals of Common Core Tai Chi for improving posture, breathing and balance while reducing stress.

Jan. 6-Feb. 24 Monday 9-10am Adult

Imagine, create, and innovate! Launch rockets high into the sky, discover the power of magnetism and electricity, create your own video game, and even program your own robot. Students will build essential real-world skills as they explore science, technology, engineering, and math through fun hands-on projects in this course.

Jan. 6-Feb. 10 Monday 3:30-4:30pm 6-9yrs

NEW! Teen Line Dance
Get step by step instruction in this fun and engaging class where we move along to top country and pop hits!

Jan. 6-Feb. 10 Monday 4:15-5pm 13-17yrs $55
Jan. 6-March 30 Monday 4:15-5pm 13-17yrs $15 (Drop-in)

NEW! STEAM Studio: YouTube & Moviemaking Masters $130
Make movie magic and become the next YouTube star! This class challenges students to tell a story with moving images by creating everything from game casts to lightsabers in this creative and engaging class. From YouTube beginner basics to advanced visual effect techniques, students will explore all aspects of video production.

Jan. 6-Feb. 10 Monday 4:30-5:30pm 9-12yrs

NEW! Adult Line Dance
Get step by step instruction in this fun and engaging class where we dance to top country and pop hits!

Jan. 6-Feb. 10 Monday 7-7:45pm Adult $55
Jan. 6-March 30 7-7:45pm Adult $15 (drop-in)

Line Dance $55
This low-impact class is specifically designed for seniors to keep active while simultaneously having fun! No experience or dance partners are required.

Jan. 6-Feb. 10 Monday 5:15-6pm 50yrs+
Jan. 6-Feb. 10 Monday 6:05-6:50pm 50yrs+

Lunchtime Yoga and Meditation $150
Use your lunch hour for yoga and meditation! This class focuses on yoga postures (asanas), breathwork (pranayama) and meditation to help destress the body and mind. All levels welcome.

Jan. 7-March 31 Tuesday Noon-12:50pm Adult

Gentle Yoga $170
In this gentle yoga class, we take a soft, nurturing and slow approach to yoga asana (yoga postures), meditation and pranayama (breathwork). Perfect for all levels of yoga students.

Jan. 8-April 1 Wednesday 1:15-2:15pm Adult

Chair Yoga $170
Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that uses a chair to do supine, seated, and standing poses. Providing access to yoga for folks with limited mobility due to injury, illness or
aging. Learn how to do yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation techniques all with the comfort of a chair!

Jan. 8-April 1 Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm 50yrs+

NEW! Life Skills for Kids $125
Part 2 of our exclusive program takes valuing others even further! We have a whole new series of skills taught through role-play, activities, games and discussion. Some skills include acts of kindness as well as etiquette with family, guests and neighbors, in public and social events.

Jan. 7-Feb. 4 Tuesday 4-6pm 5-12yrs

SAT & ACT Informational Lecture FREE
Most private and public universities require SAT and ACT scores along with transcripts, recommendation letters and admission essays. So how do you know which standardized test is the best one for your student? Join us as we explore the format and content of these tests, answer questions and help you navigate these requirements. This seminar will introduce different study options and suggest planning strategies to better prepare your students for these standardized college entrance exams.

Jan. 11 Saturday 1:30-3:30pm 13-17yrs

NEW! Adult ESL $150
Esta clase está deseñada para enseñar y reforzar al inglés para los adultos que hablan otro idioma. This class is to teach and reinforce English to adults whose primary and first language is other than English.

Jan. 7-Feb. 11 Tuesday (Martes) 4:30-5:30pm Adult

Spanish for Beginners $106
If your goal in learning Spanish is to become more fluent and confident when communicating in Spanish, we have the right class for you! Our approach to teaching languages is an input-based systematic instruction of vocabulary. It is a practical method like how you learned your native language. You will acquire some of the most frequently used words and phrases to help you build your communication skills.

Jan. 8-Feb. 12 Wednesday 12:15-1:15pm Adult
Feb. 19-March 25 Wednesday 12:15-1:15pm Adult
Jan. 9-Feb. 13 Thursday 6-7pm 14yrs-Adult

Adult Mandarin $150
This class is designed to teach conversational Mandarin to adults in an encouraging environment. Simple and traditional Chinese will be introduced.

Jan. 7-Feb. 11 Tuesday 5:45-6:45pm 14yrs-Adult

LEGO Engineering: Jedi Masters $130
Our “Jedi Engineers” will design and create amazing vehicles, contraptions and creatures from a galaxy far, far away. Students will race LEGO Pod Racers from Tatooine, create motorized Sandcrawlers to search for droids, maneuver Speeder Bikes through trees and control AT-ATs on Hoth. Engineers will explore motors, engineering and architecture.

Jan. 8-Feb. 12 Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm 6-9yrs

NEW! STEAM Studio: Rocketry $130
Introduce, excite and inspire kids to the wonders of space. Students will learn through hands-on projects about inertia, gravity, friction and more. They will create water or air-powered rockets and launch them hundreds of feet in the air. They will follow up by creating solid-fuel rockets capable of reaching amazing altitudes!

Jan. 8-Feb. 12 Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm 9-12yrs

Parent & Me Playball/ Playball $180
Developed by occupational therapists and preschool teachers, Playball classes are taught in a fun-filled, energetic, and positive environment. We use the medium of sports to improve motor development, increase concentration, build muscle tone, improve hand-eye/foot-eye coordination, balance, and countless other life skills. At Playball, kids learn persistence, courage, responsibility, teamwork and self-worth.

Jan. 9-March 26 Thursday 9:30-10:15am 2-3yrs
Jan. 9-March 26 Thursday 10:30-11:15am 3-5yrs

Fortnite Dance Class $89
It’s time to put down the video game controllers and get up and move! Unlock Fortnite dance moves like the Floss, Hype and more. Participants will combine these moves into an epic dance routine. Who’s ready to battle?

Jan. 9-Feb. 6 Thursday 6:20-7:05pm 6-12yrs

Better Life Boxing $80
At Better Life Boxing, we provide seniors with fun, challenging and safe boxing workouts that keep their bodies and brains healthy. During class, you will perform exercises that help improve your balance and coordination as well as overall strength. Beginner to advanced athletes are welcome.

Jan. 8-Feb. 5 Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm 50yrs+ 

Tiny Twisters $80
Tiny Twisters and partners “Shake-Tumble-N-Roll” with upbeat music and friends. Safe spotting tips and age-appropriate tumbling will facilitate a child's sensory and motor-skill development.

Jan. 11-Feb. 8 Saturday 9:30-10:15am 1-2yrs

Tumble Bugs $80

Let’s MOVE! Music, tumbling challenges and introducing simple directions will help your child develop listening and social interaction skills. Tumblers and partner will participate in circle time and obstacle courses, dance to songs, tumble, roll, jump, balance, walk like animals and finish with parachute activities.

Jan. 11-Feb. 8 Saturday 10:20-11:05am 2-3yrs

NEW! Junior Olympians $80
Girls and boys are taught fundamental movement and gymnastic skills through the introduction of simple directions and fun stations. Beginning cartwheels, rolls, balance beams, mini trampoline, back-handspring barrel and obstacle courses will be safely introduced. Boost self-esteem, increase body awareness, and build strength and coordination for all types of sports!

Jan. 11-Feb. 8 Saturday 11:15am-Noon 3-5yrs

Beginning Guitar $105
Enrich your life with music and experience interaction with other beginning guitarists in a supportive, small-group environment. You will learn to play easy chords, fun melodies, strum styles and many popular songs as you transform from a novice to a self-reliant musician.

Jan. 11-Feb. 8 Saturday 12:30-1:30pm 10yrs-Adult

Beginning Ukulele $105
Enjoy learning how to play the world's easiest string instrument in a supportive, small-group setting. This class will provide all the fundamentals for you to play songs on your own. Learn simple chords, easy melodies, strum styles and a wide assortment of great songs.

Jan. 11-Feb. 8 Saturday 1:30-2:30pm 10yrs-Adult

For more information, contact 949-425-2550 or

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