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Posted on: January 5, 2021

Mayor's Message - September 2022


Dear Residents,

This has been the hottest and most humid summer in my recent memory, and as I can see by our utility bill, my family has responded much as many Aliso Viejo residents have, with extended use of air conditioning and many, many complaints from me about wearing a suit and tie in this weather. But for many reasons, more air conditioning is not a luxury available for everyone, and it wasn’t long before I learned that we all must accept some discomfort to preserve consistent service for the community.  

Our electrical utility partners, Southern California Edison (SCE) and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), are working overtime these days and doing everything to ensure reliable electricity is delivered without interruption to our homes and businesses. Still, with the rising temperatures and humidity, the strain on our grid is increasing to a point where blackouts could occur. For some, this is an inconvenience, but for others who rely on their power for medical equipment and refrigeration to store perishable medication, it can be life threatening. To address these conditions, SCE is calling for Flex Alerts, so residents can voluntarily reduce consumption and avoid disruptions in service. A reduction in consumption can help the entire community, especially those who rely on their electricity for critical uses.  

The high cost of electricity limits access for many residents, and when consumption escalates, so does their bill. Many businesses and residents are still recovering from a slower local economy and rising costs due to supply chain shortages, so a higher electricity bill is not something that is accounted for in many monthly budgets. Also, some homes in our area are not equipped with air conditioning, so those residents must bear the unusually high temperatures and hope for some relief as the season changes. In the meantime, there are some proactive steps that can be taken to reduce interruptions in service:  

  1. Signing up for outage notifications – opt-in and let SCE know how best to communicate with you. Call the customer service number on your bill. 
  2. Be mindful when you use your electricity. For those who have opted in to Time-Of-Use (5-8 or 4-9), the rising cost of electricity can be effectively managed.  
  3. Save by opting in to Demand Response, giving SCE the ability to shut off air conditioning for a specific time period.  

Our electric utility companies are working to ensure consistent service and provide methods to keep our community informed about new ways to manage or reduce costs. The City of Aliso Viejo is working with Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric, our Trusted Partners, to manage the service we all depend on. 

Trust in Aliso Viejo. 

Mayor Ross Chun

Any views or opinions expressed in this message belong solely to the Mayor.

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