Assembly Bill 2234 - Post Entitlement Phase Permits

This bill requires the City to compile a list of information needed to approve or deny a postentitlement phase permit, post an example of a complete/approved application, and an example of a complete set of postentitlement phase permits for at least five types of housing development projects. Click the tabs below to select project types to view example documents.

  1. Single Family
  2. Multi Family
  3. Fourplex
  4. Assisted Living
  5. Senior Apartment

Plan Check Review Timeline

The initial plan check takes 10 calendar days from the day of submittal to determine whether the permit application is complete or requires additional information and/or corrections. The applicant will be provided with written comments explaining how the application can be revised for completion. Subsequent reviews of resubmitted information is 5 calendar days.


If the plan check submittal is denied or deemed incomplete, the applicant may appeal the decision to the City Council. Please contact Mitzi Ortiz, City Clerk, at or (949) 425-2505 should you have questions filing an appeal.

Online Permitting System

Applicants may submit building permit applications, make payments, check the status of permits, and retrieve approved permits online. Beginning April 1, 2024, hard copies will no longer be accepted. Click here to access the public portal and register to begin the application process.