Virtual Recreation Center


City staff has collaborated with our contract instructors and community partners to develop the VRC (Virtual Recreation Center)- a collection of recreation programs and resources that you can participate in from your home. These programs will keep you connected, get you moving, foster creativity, promote cognitive development and more. The VRC will be updated regularly with new resources and programs to help keep you active and engaged. Simply click on one of the links below to begin exploring. Have Fun!

Participants fully understand that use of the Aliso Viejo Virtual Recreation Center (VRC) is voluntary. Participants assume any risk that may be associated with use of the Aliso Viejo VRC. The City does not endorse, collect payments on behalf of, or receive funds to advertise any third-party sites or services listed or referenced on the VRC. Use of the city’s virtual community center and participation in any of the offerings will constitute acknowledgment of participant’s assumption of risk of injury and/or loss and their agreement to hold the city harmless from claims for damages of any kind.


15 Meaningful Earth Day Activities for Kids

This list of 15 meaningful Earth Day activities for kids is sure to inspire you and your children or students to get creative and learn about ways to care for our planet. 


50 Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day is our annual reminder to slow down and appreciate the bounty of the earth.


21 Easy Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day is such an awesome time to introduce important concepts such as recycling, pollution, planting, composting, and reusing with kids.


35+ Things You Can Do to Celebrate Earth Day from Home

Every year, Earth Day happens on April 22. The day is a wonderful opportunity to teach our kids more about protecting planet Earth. 


Engaging Earth Day Activities for Kids

The purpose of Earth Day is to not only celebrate the planet we live on but also to examine our living habits to determine if we are living earth-friendly lives.


12 Meaningful Earth Day Activities for Every Grade

Our students are the future caretakers of our Earth. These fun Earth Day activities help empower kids to have a positive impact on the planet.


Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers

What do your preschoolers know about the environment? Often teachers will talk about animals or plants or other parts of the natural world.


Earth Science Activities & Experiments

Introduce your child to earth science concepts like weather, the solar system, and rocks and minerals with these educational and fun earth science activities.


25+ Easy Earth Day Crafts for Kids Using Recycled Materials

Enjoy 25 fun crafts for kids using materials you can find at home. 


20 Earth Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Happy Earth Day!  As you know, we love using recycled materials on Housing A Forest.  Not only is crafting from your recycle bin frugal, but it is a great opportunity to teach your kids about our environment.




Workout Challenge

Enjoy a full month of strength training, cardio workouts, and more Everything you need to get started is right here. Use the navigation to browse your daily workouts, check out your warm-up and cool-down options, and look over the entire four-week schedule, as well as learn a bit more about what you can expect from this challenge from a goals perspective. 


55+ Achievable New Year's Resolutions for Healthier and Happier Living

This year, fill your resolution list with easy, good-for-you goals. Try one of these simple lifestyle tweaks each day, and you'll not only jumpstart a healthier body and mind — you'll feel fantastic and so psyched to make 2021 a much better year than ever before.


The Ultimate Cleaning Schedule for Your Day, Week, Month, and Year

Why wait until spring to get your home in order? Start the New Year with a plan to tackle the dust, rust, or dirt and make cleaning manageable.


Pop-up Homemade Firework Craft

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, 4th July, Bonfire Night, or a birthday, if your little ones would love to see fireworks again and again then here’s the perfect craft for you!


15 Fun Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for some fun and entertaining New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids? Spending your New Year's Eve with kids can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of games and activities you can do with kids on New Year’s Eve. And kids will love helping to count down to the New Year!


Fitness Blender

Kick start your resolutions with a free workout at home.



BARK (Be Aware, Responsible & Kind) Virtual Learning Series

Join Mission Viejo Animal Services online for their new B.A.R.K. (Be Aware, Responsible, and Kind) Virtual Learning Series. A new and exciting Animal Services topic will be featured every month, with topics about services offered at the center; keys to responsible animal ownership, tips on living with wildlife, and stories from the field and much more on March 24 at 6 pm.

Zoom Meeting ID: 853 8750 4380 Meeting Link

Brainstorm Education

Designed for grades 1st-8th, Genius provides detailed step-by-step lessons for students that allow them to learn to create games using Scratch programming, discover the power of programming using Minecraft, make apps using MIT app inventor, create 3D models using Tinkercad, and much more. Each course category incorporates a progression of projects that build in complexity/difficulty to keep students engaged and challenged. Lessons are designed for independent learning with step-by-step instructions and videos that make projects easy to follow for students. Enjoy these lessons now by clicking this link.

PlayWell Teknologies

Visit Playwell Teknologies Facebook page and view weekly posts and learn some of the most fundamental and important concepts for LEGO building.

TLP Education

Take this extra time to enrich your life with a beginning Spanish lesson taught by TLP Education.


Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach

The Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach is excited to announce their Virtual Clubhouse is now open! Live, interactive and engaging programs offered daily. Enjoy art, tutoring, fitness, leadership, cooking, games, STEM, and more! Registration and membership are free and open to everyone grades K-12. These programs may be virtual, but their relationships are real!

Virtual Clubhouse Link

How to Cook Recipes!

If you’re looking for ways to make delicious and nutritious meals without processed junk that your kids will actually eat, visit Simple recipes, simple and pure ingredients, and a whole lot of fun in everyone, they’ve all been tested and re-tested over and over to make sure you have something to go with your heaping side of love!

Read Aloud Storytime on Facebook

Orange County United Way­ is committed to the educational success of every child in Orange County and believes that the key ingredient for lifelong success lies in establishing a fundamental love for reading. Studies show that a child reading proficiently by the end of third grade is more likely to graduate high school because “the end of third grade marks the point when children transition from learning to read, to using reading to learn other subjects.” Tune in every Thursday at 3:00 pm, for a read-aloud story-time segment by reading different stories with our friends on Facebook.

Thursdays at 3:00 pm

Check out these websites for fun enrichment projects and resources to explore at home!

The Happy Scientist is a fun website to learn and explore all things science. 

This NASA Initiative covers a wide range of topics including weather, climate, atmosphere, water, energy, plants, and animals. 

My Signing Time is a great website to empower communication for children of all abilities. Check out their free videos here. 

Talking to Kids about COVID-19 - Resource from the National Association of School Psychologists. 

A Better Way to Homeschool - A quick start resource to help families pull together a plan for surviving the next 1-2 months at home with their kids, but it can also be a time of slowing down and enjoying kids as they learn. Preschool through 8th grade. 

How coding provides skills that can help children cope with stress brought to you by Columbia Engineering.  

Start playing unlimited online games of Solitaire for free. No download or email registration required, meaning you can start playing now. Our game is the fastest loading version on the internet, and is mobile-friendly.


Queen of Arts

Dedicated to our local heroes, here’s a fun way for kids to get involved in art while honoring those that keep us safe. Enjoy this free drawing class.

Drawing Club Link

Edutainment Arts

Enjoy some creative activities with Edutainment Arts while you’re stuck inside and make being home fun for everyone!

Marble Ceramics with Nail Polish: Another craft in our Slime Time Camp with Edutainment Arts. You can use this technique to marble ceramics, fingernails, or anything you want to place marbleized paint on.  

Learn How to Make Slime: This is one of many recipes we use in our Slime Time Camp at Edutainment Arts. Feel free to try this at home.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

This site has information about the many art exhibits at this famous museum. 

Check out these websites for fun art projects, lessons, and games to play and do at home!

Learn new art activities for children in all grade levels. From drawing and craft activities to worksheets and lesson plans for teachers, this site is a great resource for students and teachers alike. Check out these resources here.

Enjoy a variety of lesson plans and activity ideas for kids by visiting KinderArt. has links to games, articles, and videos for children to learn more about art and art history. 

Play fun games about art and learn more about famous artists and their work with these activities with Incredible Art.

Parents can enjoy a whole bunch of art-centered lesson plans, activity pages, and news on art by visiting Crayola.


Music Together

Enjoy this sample of a fun Music Together class for a parent and a child, age newborn to 4, right in your own home.


OC Dance Production

Join OCDP with this parent/caretaker and me movement class! Little ones can get moving, work on motor skills, coordination and strength and get their wiggles out with this formatted class. With a little help from their caretaker, children will learn basic ballet and jazz movements for their level of coordination, improve listening skills, and get energy out with fun songs and activities. The class includes several follow-along activities. To view the videos and participate in the class please visit the following website and agree to the terms on this waiver.

Join Miss Crystal from OC Dance Productions in this online Parent & Me All In One Dance class! This video includes movement to favorite follow along songs and practice of gross-motor skills! Perfect for little ones ages 1.5-3 years old to get moving and get some energy out at home!

Video #1

Join Miss Crystal from OC Dance Productions in this online Preschool Ballet, Jazz & Tumble class! This video includes a warm-up, beginning ballet and jazz movements in center and across the floor, a class favorite follow along song, and basic tumbling movements. Perfect for little ones ages 3-5 years old to get moving and get some energy out at home!

Video #2

Virtual Musical Instruments

Virtual Musical Instruments offers you or your child the possibility of learning and creating music by playing Musical Instruments online using your PC keyboard and mouse control as the interface. Our online musical instruments include the virtual guitar, virtual piano, virtual drums, virtual bongos and the virtual pan flute. Visit the website and learn more here.

All-Ages Instructional Line Dance

Missing Carrie‘s classes? Need a fun way to stay active? Join Line Dance Instructor Carrie Wojo twice a week on a live zoom call and learn some line dancing! Follow along with the live recordings on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:00 pm via the link here:

Tuesdays at 1:00 pm

Fridays at 1:00 pm

Or watch later when convenient for you from the previously cataloged recordings here:



Better Life Boxing

Boxing is one of the best mental and physical workouts that you can do as you get older! Here is a brief video going through the basics of shadowboxing. It is a workout that anyone can do from the comfort of their own home!


OC Playball

Just because your child is at home, doesn’t mean they can’t move and have fun. Playball has created a number of skills and games that are designed for you and your child to do together at home.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4


Skyhawks Sports Academy

Keep your kids active and burn some energy while they’re at home! The Skyhawks Sports family activity database is packed with activities to keep your kids active and engaged during school closures. Be sure to check back often, as they will be continuously adding more content!


Tai Chi Qigong

Is your body feeling anxious? Do you need a way to relieve stress in a small indoor space? Check out the Tai Chi Qigong PowerHour with Ryan Lee on YouTube where he broadcasts a new at-home LIVESTREAM lesson.

Mondays at 10:00 am.

USA Wado Karate

Step into the dojo with Sensei Nishimura at USA Wado Karate. Learn traditional karate at home to help build character as well as improve your physical conditioning.

Video #1

Yoga at Home

This quick workday yoga flow is to give you a break from sitting at your desk/table/makeshift work-at-home office. You will release muscle tension, stress, and stagnation in your joints. 


YMCA of Orange County

Tune in for these easy at-home workouts which help utilize easily accessible props from around the home for those who do not have fitness gear at their disposal. Even find video instruction for workouts that use no props at all! Enjoy following along with these videos to keep active from the comfort of your home by following the link here.

For more FITNESS activities visit the following sites:

Enjoy a new workout every day with P.E. with Joe. Enjoy his daily live workouts here.

Check out these movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts here

For free at-home kids, yoga lesson plans visit Little Twisters Yoga.

Kid-friendly workouts - Choose from Strength for Kids, Agility for Kids, Flexibility and Balance for Kids, Warm-Up for Kids, Cooldown for Kids, Stand Up and Move for Kids, OR create your own custom kid workout. 

This is a 25-minute routine that runs through three different games in order to help burn off extra energy and increase bone density, balance, endurance, and even strength. 

Find Kid-friendly videos that include fun yoga instruction to do while at home!  

Check out this website! It includes 87 energy busting indoor games and activities. 

Adults - Do you want free access to over 500 workouts from celebrity trainers and fitness experts across strength, cardio, dance, and yoga? Visit Pop Sugar Fitness.

Adults - Check out a workout series brought to you by 24 Hour Fitness.


Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific has devised a collection of webinars, live-cam footage, and classes for all ages. Check out their Aquarium Academy by clicking this link.

Bowers Museum

Bowers Museum offers digital exhibition access, virtual learning, and community resources during its closure. Check it out now.

Cincinnati Zoo

Take an at-home safari trip with the Cincinnati Zoo every day at 3 pm on their Facebook Live. 

Environmental Natural Center

The Environmental Nature Center has added educational videos geared towards school-aged children on their YouTube channel. 

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Enjoy a live feed of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Kelp Forest here.

National Geographic

Explore animals, videos, and play some fun educational games by visiting the link here.

National Park Service

Catch views from our National Parks through their regularly updating webcams! See the sights and enjoy glimpses of these national treasures from around the country here.

National Parks Foundation

Explore America’s national parks. Discover our most treasured places by visiting their website here.

Natural Recreation and Park Association

Join NRPA in showcasing how you can still be a Parks and Rec Kid while staying healthy at home. 

Shedd Aquarium

Continue to experience, explore and learn about the aquatic animal world with the Chicago Shedd Aquarium without leaving your home! Keep up-to-date with the daily lives of the aquarium’s animals on their Facebook Live stream.

Smithsonian Zoo or Museum

This website brings your child everything from live video of the National Zoo to the Smithsonian Learning Lab right to their screen.

Virtual Travel Talk

Join travel expert Nino Mohan for a weekly virtual tour of new places around the world! Experience South Korea, Hong Kong, and China on Saturday, July 18 from 3:30-4:30pm simply by following the link here.  


Medicare Questions - MemorialCare Medical Group

For anyone that has questions regarding Medicare, needs help navigating their health plan or medical group’s telehealth services, Jose Juarez with the MemorialCare Medical Group can be reached at 714-640-7158 from Monday-Sunday, from 8 am-7 pm.


Transportation services available through OCTA ACCESS, where ride reservations can be made by calling 877-628-2232. For additional information on eligibility criteria or to apply for OCTA Paratransit Services, contact Access Eligibility Section at 714-560-5956, ex. 2 or visit OCTA.NET. For TTD (hearing impaired phone) information access, call 714-560-5474. For OCTA reservations, call 877-628-2232. For TTD reservation access, call 800-564-4232. To check availability and accessibility, please call 714-560-5956.

OC Disability Resource Center- Dayle McIntosh Center

From 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, representatives are available to assist with answering questions and advise on services that are available for those with disabilities. To speak with a representative about what specific services are available to meet the needs of those with disabilities, call 714-621-3300.

Second Harvest Food Bank

In anticipation of quarantined seniors throughout the county, Second Harvest Food Bank began boxing up two-week supplemental shelf-stable supplies of food. Call 949-653-2900 for more information on accessing this service, or visit their website.

South County Outreach

This food pantry distributes nearly one million pounds of emergency, non-perishable and fresh food to an average of 9,000 families annually. Call 949-380-8144 ext. 207 for more information on accessing this service or visit here.