Information Technology

Department Overview

The Information Technology Services department’s primary task is to guide the City by researching, testing and implementing new technologies in ways that enhance the community.

New Technology

Advancements in technologies such as cloud computing, Software as a Service (Saas), AI, GIS, networking and wireless communication have created tremendous opportunities to enhance public services in the City of Aliso Viejo. IT is poised and is taking advantage of these exciting technologies on behalf of the City.

E-Government Initiatives

Implementation of various E-Government initiatives is our commitment to the residents, elected officials, City departments, and IT is working to make this vision a reality. The City is leveraging the Internet to provide more and more access to information and services in order to serve more people with better, more up-to-date information, while also reducing staff time and paper work.


The IT department is a service provider, standard-setter, and IT innovator. But its role has evolved well beyond “keeping the lights on.” In addition to focusing on work in the data center, IT is at the center of shaping IT strategy and policy, especially as it relates to the emerging and innovative technologies that stand to make government even more effective and user-friendly.

Mission Statement

The Department of Information Technology provides for the sustained, efficient and effective delivery of IT services, infrastructure and telecommunications to enhance service delivery to Aliso Viejo’s residents, businesses, employees and visitors.

What We Seek to Be

We strive to be a model information and technology organization recognized for proactive leadership, innovation, and customer service.

What We Do

We are committed to excellence, and ensuring the business of government is efficient by providing an information technology infrastructure and systems that are reliable, long-term, financially viable and secure. We continuously strive to improve the dissemination of public service information through the expanded use of communications, computing technology, and effective telecommunications oversight.

SB 272, Hertzberg. The California Public Records Act: Local Agencies: Inventory

Senate Bill 272 requires each local agency, in implementing the California Public Records Act, to create a catalog of enterprise systems, to make the catalog publicly available upon request in the office of the person or officer designated by the agency’s legislative body, and to post the catalog on the local agency’s Internet website. View the City of Aliso Viejo enterprise systems list (PDF) pursuant to California Government Code section 6270.5.